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Spayed/Neuter Agreement: Welcome

Some of our puppies go with AKC certificates (request only before putting deposit!) but most 95% are go with Birth Certificates by Alisa_yorkies depends on which mom, how big they are and color!

For puppies who gets AKC PET Registration.📜 For register to AKC we need buyer’s check for $53.99(fee) pay to “American Kennel Club” will be held by the seller until proof of spaying/neutering (before puppy turn 7-8 months old) has been received from a licensed, reputable veterinarian. Also photo of them. When proof has been received via a receipt and/or written statement for the Vet, the seller will registered that puppy to AKC department for the buyer and puppy’s certificates will be forwarded to the buyer’s address.

Spaying/neutering of this puppy is required to receive the Puppy AKC certificates or Puppy Birth Certificates from us. It is understood at the time of sale that this dog is not considered to be of BREEDING quality, but is a representative of it’s breed and is structurally and temperamental suited as a companion dog. 

If the buyer not follow the agreement the buyer will not receive Any of puppy’s Certificates and the puppy can be Return to Alisa_yorkies!

All is about I just want to make sure my puppies will be love and hug as “PET” at you loving home. also after spayed/Neutered they will be more Healthy and have Longer Life!! 😇

Thank you so much for your understand🙏🏻

Spayed/Neuter Agreement: Welcome
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