They are available for you to visit,They living at my house and my friend’s house(co-owner)🏡🏡 Dam&Sire now some I already cut their hair short for feeding but some still like in the picture.😃 (no Stud sevice for our Male)


Our Dam Traditional Black/Tan 5.5lbs🐶I got Haley from my kind friend when she is 2 years old. she just adorable and so funny, she love to eat and run away and back to eat and run away..Lol🤣🤣 I try to see why she do that but it just she want to play with the food..Haha🤗 she very smart I just love her..💕


Our Dam Traditional Black/Gold carry Parti gene from her dad.she alway make a very sweet voice to call me when she need something...lol😆 .she very smart and like to play with all the puppies. 


Our Dam Traditional black/gold 5.7lbs. This girl have super thick and silky dark hair color. I very enjoy to braid her hair. she is very sweet and courtesy girl,she love to be hug.🥰


Our Dam Tan Parti color 6.2lbs, her color is rare with beautiful hazel eyes color & chocolate nose. she so sweet and love to play with water, she get excited very easy with everything...Lol🤣 her hair is actually very long and silky but need to make it shot for feeding..🍼 She loves me rubs her tummy so much🥰


 Our Dam Traditional black/gold 4.3lbs. she very smart & sweet but sometime jealous when her friend come sit on my lap she has her favorite spot is the walk in closet in my bed room and like to hide in there..🤔🤗




 Our Dam. She is black/tan parti color. She is @5.6lbs. She is playful and love me comb her hair she always stay still so easy for me☺️ I love this! Oh she hate shower tho..when time for shower she walk to her bed and act like she sleepy 🤣🤣


Our Dam 7.1lbs, she is Chocolate Parti color. she always nervous when my kids play with her,she love to be with growing up people more(I guess...Lol) this lady love water so much I love when shower for her. She has wonderful puppies 🐶 🥰


Our Dam she is traditional black/gold. Her Mom and Dad is show dog with trophy and pedigree.🏆🏆 She has a wonderful parent.She is the sweetest 🐶🥰


Our Dam Traditional black/tan This girl her personality is quite not really fight with anyone. when her friends want snacks or toys from her she just let it go but sometimes she took the treats and go hide under the bed..lol 🤣🤣 she act very polite, My favorite girl🐶🥰


My gorgeous girl 5.5lbs. She the funny one like to play around with her friends and at night she loves to sleep in the toys basket..lol🤣 we hoping will have her first litter in December2020...🤞 Ps.Her father is champions for so many years in the yorkie’s show events🏆🏆🏆




Our Future Sire; he is very small with nice body and have a beautiful thick & silky coat. He is Just a perfect Chocolate Parti male. I can’t wait to see his baby.Im in love with him so much🥰 (this pic is right after shower so look puffy than normally)😉


Our Sire, He very handsome, he is 3.5 yrs old @4.5lbs, Full parti color.he has very nice silky long hair and easy to take care also has kind personality. I’m looking forward to see many more of his puppies.💕💕


Our Sire from overseas! He is Traditional black/tan 1.5yr @4.8lbs. He is our handsome perfect boy, he love to play ball with my kids ⚽️👦🏻👦🏻🥰 he came from a wonderful parent, they are champions of Yorkshire terrier show event from overseas.🥇🏅🏆


All my puppies they have their own room and they are take turns to sleep with me.I spend so much time with them, they are full of love, attention also food, fresh water, toys and treats. 🍖 💦 🧸 🦴 They are my family 🏡❤️🐶


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