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We are small hobby breeder at home of Yorkshire Terrier located in Sacramento California. We breed Yorkshire Traditional Black/gold, Black/Tan Parti, Chocolate, Chocolate/Parti and Sable Parti. We have a few of beautiful Yorkshire Terrier that we purchase from breeders in USA and Overseas our yorkie are quality, imported, champion bloodlines, vet checked, Sire&Dam AKC registered. They have beautiful silky hair, gorgeous faces, amazing temperaments, personalities and breed standards.“SOLD AS PET HOME ONLY” Most of our puppies can go from 2.5-7lbs as full grown adult. (all puppies not guarantee 100% on size I can estimate adult size by puppies chart weight either tiny size or toy size) All our puppies are raised in our home with much love, attention, and care 7/24. Our 2 kids love playing with the puppies and they get along really well. They come to you with veterinarian puppy first exam, current on vaccine, deworming, tail docked, dew claw removed and six months written health genetic guarantee. Also bed, blanket with mommy’s scent, toys, treats, vitamin syrupy and some current puppy’s food.
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My name is Alisa (nickname in USA) and I live in Sacramento California. I fell in love with the Yorkie breed and started breeding since I’m in my hometown (Thailand) on 2004-2007. After moving to USA I couldn’t take my Yorkie and Shih Tzu with me and started to missed them being around. I decided to breed again on 2015 and I chose to breed Yorkshire terriers because they don’t shade a lot, not really bark, and their hair, ear&eye is more easy to take care.I love to take care the puppies and enjoy play time with them which makes the time goes by faster. When I’m around my pups they always make me smile and laugh for no reason. They always make me feel love and never feel lonely doesn’t matter even when I have a bad day. I can just talk to them about my day and they would always listen with no judgment, give me hugs without talking back to upset me. People might think yeah right they just a dog, but if you have one and try to know them more you will know they do understand your feelings. For me they’re not just a dog or a pet, they are my best friend💕. That’s why I love my puppies. I found my joy within the process of sending my puppies to go make other families happy. It makes me even more worth while when I know I’m sending them to a loving home and I hope you feel the same.


Yorkshire terrier Parti Color

Parti Yorkie is a 100% purebred Yorkshire Terrier, but instead of having the traditional black/tan and gold/tan colors that are most commonly seen in the Yorkshire Terriers, a Parti Yorkie always has a white base with area's of one or two other colors.A tri colored Parti Yorkie is white, black/tan, and gold/tan. A Golden Parti Yorkie is white and gold. A Chocolate Parti Yorkie is white and brown. The Parti Yorkie is not a separate breed from the Yorkshire Terrier, & the term "Parti Yorkie" is just used as a simple way of saying "Yorkshire Terrier with Parti coloring". The Parti Yorkie is registered in the same way as any other yorkie, the only difference is where it states color on the registration certificate a standard yorkie will be marked as black/tan and gold/tan and the Parti Yorkie will be marked as Parti.